Sir, I hope you don't mind me contacting you in this way, but I have an issue that I feel is a widespread threat to our profession. I have been a caring, ethical, preventive, minimally invasive practitioner for many years now without having had a single complaint made against me. I have spent thousands of pounds and thousands of hours (!) training with Mike Wise, The American Academy and many other leading clinicians over the years to ensure that my knowledge and skill base is of the highest order and that I am practising up to date evidence-based dentistry. Three years ago after one complaint, from one patient about one tooth and one bad outcome, and initially one set of (admittedly 'old-fashioned' handwritten) records, the GDC launched an investigation against me that I believe to be grossly inappropriate and totally unrelated to the clinical issues involved. They have made a raft of unpleasant allegations against me and suggested that I am a 'danger to the public' based on these records alone. They have chosen to ignore my unblemished previous history, two immaculate CQC reports and several glowing recommendations from patients and staff. I have gone to considerable lengths in the last two years to vastly improve my record-keeping (SOE has been installed at the practice, I have had a number of external audits done by an expert at DPS and I have also done much in the way of CPD and remediation and reflective logs) but the GDC has chosen to ignore this and continue to pursue the case. At no point has anyone (including my legal team) made any attempt whatsoever to explore the actual clinical issues involved. My legal team (who I know are doing their best) have pretty much said that I am indefensible because my initial records were poor. This is akin, in my view, to making a definitive diagnosis on a patient based on some old records without even examining them. Frankly, this Kafkaesque procedure has destroyed much of my passion for a profession I once considered noble. If I was of an age and in a position to retire, I would.

It seems to me that the GDC has become an unfit for purpose, bureaucratic behemoth, built and fuelled by parasitic lawyers, that does precious little to protect patients and serves mainly to protect itself and those who profit from it. I think the current legal 'feeding frenzy' in medicine is doing a great disservice to patients and I feel the Government and the profession should be fighting hard to change this culture.

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