Table 3 Procedure and anaesthesia type

From: Managing direct oral anticoagulants in patients undergoing dentoalveolar surgery

Procedure conducted N (%)
Type of procedure
Routine dental extraction 82 (73.9)
Surgical dental extraction 23 (20.7)
Other* 6 (5.4)
Single or multiple
Single 53 (47.7)
Multiple 58 (52.3)
Anaesthesia type
Local infiltration only 73 (66)
Inferior dental (ID) block 38 (34)
  1. *This was excisional biopsy (x1), surgical dental extraction and incision and drainage (x1), enucleation of cyst (x1), routine extraction of upper left second premolar root and curettage of apical granulation tissue (x1), labial salivary gland biopsy (x1), incisional biopsy of buccal mucosa (x1)