As an oral healthcare specialist, Curaprox understands just how important it is to provide safe and effective solutions to those that need it the most.

With DIY dentistry methods used by many as an alternative – albeit dangerous and unproven – the Black Is White toothpaste from Curaprox is a safer, effective and more cost effective solution to tooth whitening.

Using a 15,000 ppm hydroxyapatite layer to protect the enamel and a physical blue filter to make the teeth appear optically whiter, your patients can now experience both a brighter smile and better oral health.

Essentially, by using the key ingredient, activated carbon, and its natural qualities, this cutting-edge toothpaste can remove discolouration without abrading or bleaching.

To find out how you can offer this wonderfully black toothpaste to give your patients the white smile they deserve, contact Curaprox today.

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