Berkhout WE, Suomalainen A et al. Dentomaxillofac Radiol 2015;44: 20140343

What is the role of handheld portable X-ray devices in the dental surgery? They were devised for use in a military setting and are battery-powered, but can be mounted on a tripod and operated from a distance. In particular the newer devices, have a lower output dose rate than conventional wall-mounted direct current devices. This expert group state that handheld portable X-ray devices should be used only '...where it is impractical or impossible to transfer the patient to a fixed mounted X-ray installation'; examples would include patients who are immobile and those persons held in detention centres. Such devices also also have a role in the field of forensic odontology. Assuming the strict criteria for their use is met, the same precautions must be adopted as those for conventional devices. In addition, quality assurance must be in place. Justification for the use of handheld portable X-ray devices must be entered in the clinical notes of each patient.