Sir, in my opinion the recently published correspondence regarding 'orthodontosis and orthodontitis'1 is little more than a marketing stunt of the lowest calibre. Although these new 'diseases' sound lovely to the ear and would conceivably resonate with both the public and the profession, the terms themselves are gibberish, both factually and etymologically (ortho from orthos – meaning 'straight'; dont from odontos – meaning 'tooth'; -osis – meaning 'a state of disease' and -itis – meaning 'inflammation').

The position paper on these terms (co-written by the same author as the letter mentioned above) is totally bereft of any evidenced rationale for defining these new 'diseases'.2 This is especially pertinent when such 'disease' states (which appear to be nothing more than crooked teeth and hyperplastic gingivae) are common in the majority of the population. Were these 'diseases' relevant then I don't doubt that the world would have an overnight epidemic on its hands of biblical proportions.

Isn't it marvellous then that the product that the author coincidentally promotes for monetary gain (Fastbraces) is the only product that can 'cure' this 'disease'.3 Should millions of patients be convinced they have either of these new 'diseases' and then seek remedy from only those trained to provide Fastbrace treatment, how very rewarding this would be for all involved.

This letter is no more worthy of publication that the unrelenting diatribe emerging regarding the debilitating condition of 'craniofacial dystrophy' and the wonders of orthotropics as a panacea for everything from back pain to sinusitis.1,4,5 As a frustrated reader of the BDJ, I ask that when letters that appear to express a somewhat 'unique' point of view are considered for publication, that an opinion be sought from relevant dentists on the editorial staff that are knowledgeable in the field. In this case, just because an endodontist writes from his position at the Harvard School for Dental Medicine, does not make his opinion regarding orthodontic diagnosis worth publishing.