A revolutionary new way to treat temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders has been approved for use in the UK and Ireland. The Cerezen device comprises a pair of removable custom-made hollow inserts which are placed within the ear canal to reduce the symptoms of TMJ disorders, pain and related conditions including grinding of teeth and headaches.

Simply inserted in the ear, the nearest access point to the TMJ, the device works by exerting subtle pressure on the walls of the ear canal when the jaw is in the closed position. This encourages the patient to return to the 'open bite' position, minimising the tendency to clench the jaw and tense the surrounding muscles. An A Level 1 Clinical Study1 showed that 100% of users indicated excellent (71%) or good (29%) overall satisfaction with the Cerezen device.

Following regulatory approval, the Cerezen device will be available in the UK from May 2015 and can be seen at The Dentistry Show, the Irish Dental Association Show and Identex, where there will also be presentations for the delegates to learn more about this innovative new device.

For more information about the device, visit www.cerezen.eu.