Poladay and Polanight from Southern Dental Industries (SDI) are two cosmetic tooth whitening systems that will help your patients achieve a whiter and healthier smile.

Both Poladay and Polanight:

  • Are pH neutral which ensures the full release of the peroxide without patient discomfort

  • Have a high water content which reduces dehydration

  • Contain desensitising agents

  • Have a long lasting fresh spearmint taste

  • Incorporate special additives that minimise plaque formation.

This makes both systems mild enough to ensure complete comfort throughout use.

The main difference between Poladay and Polanight lies in the active ingredients that are used to bleach the teeth. Poladay uses hydrogen peroxide which is faster working, for a quicker treatment. Polanight, however, uses carbamide peroxide, a slower acting chemical that will provide a gentler whitening process.

Poladay trays can be worn for as little as 30 minutes a day and repeated for 5-10 days depending on requirements. Polanight can be worn for as little as 40 minutes a day or overnight.

The Dental Directory is offering its customers a free box of SDI's Poladay or Polanight for every three boxes ordered.

For more information, contact The Dental Directory on 0800 585 586, or visit www.dental-directory.co.uk.