Kato T, Yamaguchi T et al. J Prosthodont Res 2013; 57: 69–81

This is a comprehensive albeit dull review. It is suggested that the use of portable electromyography can diagnose more objectively those with sleep bruxism. Polysomnography, a tool of the sleep physician, can be employed together with electromyography. The authors state that dentists have an important role in diagnosing those with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS or OSA) and in providing bimaxillary oral appliances for patients with 'primary snoring or mild to moderate OSAS.' Nevertheless, the use of these appliances is contentious. For example, some dentists urge edentulous patients with OSAS to wear their dentures at night. Yet such can increase apnoeic episodes. The authors suggest that there is now a synergy between dentistry and sleep medicine under the umbrella of the new discipline of 'sleep dental medicine'.