Öztürk E, Bolay S et al. J Dent 2013; 41: 97–105

In this in vitro study, shear bond strengths until failure were measured between ceramic veneers (IPS e.max Press – lithium disilicate glass ceramic, Ivoclar Vivadent), luted with different adhesive systems, and preparations purported to be in 1) enamel only, 2) dentine only, and 3) involving both enamel and dentine. It was concluded that limiting the preparation to enamel only, was more important than the choice of resin cement. Can these results be reconciled with recommendations for veneer preparations and clinical outcome measures? In the introduction to this paper, it is stated that the aprismatic and hypermineralised surface layer (ca. 0.5 mm), that is resistant to acid-etching, should be removed. As a consequence, preparations for ceramic veneers invariably involve dentine at 'the cervical and proximal regions'. Yet other in vitro studies and clinical observations, report that ceramic veneers perform satisfactorily.