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Lego of that


Sir, a 7-year-old boy attended the accident and emergency department at Poole General Hospital after playing with Lego. He unintentionally lodged a piece of Lego on his first mandibular permanent incisor. After repeated attempts to remove the piece under local anaesthetic, a decision was made to undertake a short general anaesthetic, where it was removed safely.

The tooth postoperatively had some erythema associated with the cervical gingiva, but was otherwise sound.

A Lego man's head dimensions are as follows: the neck connector is 1 mm deep with a 2.5 mm radius and the head connector 2 mm and 1.5 mm. A typical mandibular central incisor has a mesio-distal diameter of 5 mm at the contact point and 3.5 mm cervically. A Lego man's head can be used as a fashionable alternative to a preformed metal crown in a 'modified' Hall's technique. Other uses include anterior open bite plane to treat overbites and NTI splint for TMJ dysfunction.

Figure 1

Lego man head installed on first permanent incisor

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