Table 4 Respondent use of advice provided in caring for patients (n = 138)

From: A survey of UK dental health professionals using a medicines information service: what questions do they ask and do they get useful answers?

Use of the advice Number (percentage) of respondents using the advicea
To check that current or proposed management is appropriate 88 (64)
To identify, manage or avoid an adverse effect or drug interaction 40 (29)
To start, supply, sell or recommend a medicine 33 (24)
To advise another health professional on the management of a patient 30 (22)
To educate or inform a patient or their relative/carer 26 (19)
To stop a medicine 19 (14)
To change a dose, dose frequency, dose form or course duration of a medicine 9 (7)
Other use – details not provided 8 (6)
To identify a medicine 6 (4)
To produce guidelines, protocols, patient group directions, etc. 5 (4)
To change the route of administration of a medicine 5 (4)
To ensure a medicine is stored or administered correctly 4 (3)
To identify a supplier of a medicine 4 (3)
To simplify a patient's medication regimen 3 (2)
To monitor a patient 1 (1)
To inform completion of an adverse effect report to the medicines regulatory agency 1 (1)
  1. aTotals add up to more than 100% as respondents could choose more than one option.