Anjomshoaa I, Cooper ME et al. Eur J Dent 2009; 3: 297–303

The medical history and caries experience were collected from each of 318 patients (mean age 41.7 years) from a 'high risk population for oral and systemic diseases from Pittsburgh'. Regression analysis was used to look for associations between caries experience and some systemic diseases. After controlling for gender difference, caries experience was associated with asthma. Caries was also associated with those who have epilepsy. However, caries experience 'does not appear to be associated with cardiovascular diseases or diabetes'. The authors suggest that the link between caries and asthmatics may have a genetic basis. With respect to epilepsy, 'medication, might increase the risk of caries'. They conclude that 'individuals suffering from asthma or epilepsy should receive more individualized attention regarding caries prevention'.