The Dental Channel's Caring For Your Mouth DVD is a dental health education title produced in association with the British Dental Health Foundation. Centred around ten concise videos, it is designed to help dentists, hygienists and health educators inform their patients about the essentials of oral hygiene and related subjects quickly, easily and with minimum fuss.

The on-demand webinar catalogue includes Oral Health Education (1.5 hrs vCPD) and Oral Health Education – Dietary Analysis (1.5 hrs vCPD).

Access to these and all other on-demand presentations for the duration of 2010 is available now for £100.00 +VAT – currently providing over 60 hours of verifiable CPD.

On-demand courses are accessed online at and can be purchased individually or as part of a package.

Verifiable CPD is obtained from all of the Dental Channel's courses, providing an easy and relaxed approach to keeping up to date with new knowledge and best practice in all things dental.

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