Sir, regarding Mr Mew's latest letter (Malocclusion challenge; BDJ 2010; 208: 197) he, yet again, demonstrates that he has not quite grasped the problem that other professionals have with his assertions. It is impossible to prove or test his hypothesis (or any hypothesis) with the debate that he asks for; what is needed is some form of experiment. Since orthotropics is apparently no different from functional appliance treatment, which has been shown not to grow mandibles beyond normal growth, then it would appear safe to assume neither does orthotropics. For Mr Mew's argument to hold water he needs to demonstrate, firstly, that orthotropics is an altogether different therapy from functional appliance treatment.

The advert that he has in the back of the BDJ shows a case that any orthodontist will have had similar success with, without invoking orthotropics. I know I have. With such a case the evidence suggests that success is dependent on normal mandibular growth and not on the brilliance of the therapy. Maybe Mr Mew is unaware that we can all get such a good result in some cases and show similar photos.