Essential endodontology - prevention and treatment of apical periodontitis (2nd edition)

  • D. Orstavik &
  • T. Pitt Ford
(eds) UK: Wiley-Blackwell price £89.50; pp 488 ISBN 9781405149761 | ISBN: 978-1-4051-4976-1

This is the second edition of this successful textbook which is known within the field as a 'scientific treatise' on apical periodontitis. It is written by Dag Orstavik, a Professor of Endodontology at the University of Oslo and Tom Ford, a Professor of Endodontology at the GKT Dental Institute in London. They are both world renowned authors and from the tone of the book they are heavily involved with research in this field.

The book is based on a scientific background and research as you would expect from the title, and it clearly puts across the point that apical periodontitis is a disease entity and is the disease of reference in endodontics. Early chapter focus is purely on apical periodontitis and covers the various aspects such as epidemiology, histology, microbiology, radiology and anatomy. These early chapters would make an excellent addition to the armamentarium of books an early dental undergraduate may use. Although these topics can often be quite dry they are presented in a fresh and lively manner here with plenty of colour pictures, tables, slides and diagrams. These help to enrich the text and with the subheadings provide an easy to read layout.

Once the initial topic of apical periodontitis is covered the book moves into more clinical matters such as prevention, treatment, surgery and healing. Particularly useful features for the undergraduate are the areas on diagnosis which includes typical clinical symptoms and differential diagnoses. Chapters involving treatment have plenty of useful photos that clearly demonstrate the points being made. The book excels in particular in later chapters by providing treatment options for example different choices of irrigants and filling materials. It then explains the rationale for the use of the various types and provided evidence showing what should be used, when and why. It can sometimes feel a little vague or rushed in places, for example only having one paragraph covering mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) as a retrograde root end filling material. A lot more research and data on this new and increasingly used material might have been expected.

In summary this book is a well written and well illustrated book. In places it can be difficult to read due to the sheer wealth of references and scientific knowledge involved. I would recommend the use of this book by postgraduate practitioners and those specialising although it does have a place within a dental student's cabinet.