Table 1: Patient characteristics for primary AML patient samples

From: Inhibition of Mcl-1 enhances cell death induced by the Bcl-2-selective inhibitor ABT-199 in acute myeloid leukemia cells

Patient Gender Age (years) Disease Status FAB subtype Cytogenetics Blast purity (%) Gene mutation
AML#110 Female 66 Relapsed M4 45, XX, −7 48.0  
AML#111 Male 58 Newly diagnosed M2 46, XY 63.5 CEBPα double mutation, DNMT3A mutation, GATA2 mutation
AML#112 Male 46 Newly diagnosed M1 46, XY 92.0 CEBPα double mutation
AML#113 Female 10 Newly diagnosed M5 46, XX 97.0  
  1. Abbreviation: AML, acute myeloid leukemia.