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Figure 3: Two-layer UTN.

From: The temporal geographically-explicit network of public transport in Changchun City, Northeast China

Figure 3

We chose Monday morning from 8:00 am to 9:00 am as an example to show the traffic network. (a) shows the taxis volume network. (b) shows the taxi speed network. (c) shows the buses volume network. (d) shows the bus speed network. According to the distribution of volume and average speed in the road network (shown in Fig. 4), we divide traffic volume and average speed into four levels (details in spatial aspects section) and represented in different colors. (e) shows the number of roads with low speed and high traffic volume per hour each day. It can be found that the peak hours in the morning and evening are significantly higher than those on weekends. The spatial map was created using OpenStreetMap online platform ( (© OpenStreetMap contributors) under the license of CC BY-SA ( More details of the licence can be found in

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