Figure 4 : Inconsistency in charge.

From: Automated evaluation of consistency within the PubChem Compound database

Figure 4

(a) Representation of the 3D structure file archived for PubChem CID 2179800. (b) Structural representation of the InChI string stored for that compound: “InChI = 1 S/C15H9N3O5/c19-13-6-5-10(18(22)23)7-9(13)8-16-17-14(20)11-3-1-2-4-12(11)15(17)21/h1-8,19 H/p-1”. The standard InChI string for the structure in (a) structure file reported by ALATIS is “InChI = 1 S/C15H8N3O5/c19-13-6-5-10(18(22)23)7-9(13)8-16-17-14(20)11-3-1-2-4-12(11)15(17)21/h1-8H/q-1”.