Table 2 Data file details for this data descriptor.

From: The Brain/MINDS 3D digital marmoset brain atlas

Filename File type Details
bma-1-mri.nii.gz NIfTI MRI T 2 volume data
bma-1-nissl.nii.gz NIfTI Nissl volume data
bma-1-region_seg.nii.gz NIfTI Region segmentation volume data
bma-1-graywhite_seg.nii.gz NIfTI Gray and white matter boundaries
bma-1-mid_seg.nii.gz NIfTI Mid-cortical boundary
bma-1-clut.ctbl Text Color lookup table for region segmentation
bma-1-slicerscene.mrml MRML file A 3D Slicer scene file for the dataset ZIP file A zip file containing all of the above files