Table 6 Survey period and method.

From: A quasi-experimental study of impacts of Tanzania’s wildlife management areas on rural livelihoods and wealth

Dataset Period of survey implementation Recall (baseline) Surveyed population (house-holds) Survey method Name of pdf file Data file
1; Wealth ranking May 2014-March 2015 2007 13,578 Indirectly through focus group PIMA_WEALTH_RANKING_CODE_LIST.pdf PIMA_WEALTH_RANKING.csv
2; Household survey with household head May 2014-May 2015 2007 1,924 Directly through questionnaire PIMA_HHHEAD_SURVEY_INSTRUMENT.pdf PIMA_HHHEAD_SURVEY.csv,
3; Household survey with wife of household head May 2014-May 2015 2007 945   PIMA_WIFE_SURVEY_INSTRUMENT.pdf PIMA_WIFE_SURVEY.csv,