Table 2: Summary of Long-term Field Experiments datasets available in e-RA (September 2017)

From: The electronic Rothamsted Archive (e-RA), an online resource for data from the Rothamsted long-term experiments

Data available Dates available Number of values ‘plots’ = plot x year
Field experiment name; crop grown and year established
Broadbalk: winter wheat since autumn 1843; wheat in rotation with other crops since 1968
 Wheat yields (grain & straw) 1844-present >15,500 grain yields
 Field bean yields (grain & straw) 1968-1978 209 grain yields
 Potato yields (tubers) 1968-1996 551 tuber yields
 Oat yields (grain & straw) 1996-present 342 grain yields
 Maize yields (forage) 1997-2017 323 forage yields
 Weed surveys:    
 Whole experiment 1933-1979 >5,500 plots
 Section 8 (no herbicides) 1991-2014 360 plots
 Wheat root and stem diseases
(take-all, brown foot rot, eyespot & sharp eyespot)
1968-2009 >900 plots
 Crop nutrient content (% N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, S):    
 Wheat grain & straw 1968-2013 >2,500 plots
 Bean, potato, oat & maize 1968-2013 >1,200 plots
 Grain quality (TGW, hectolitre weight, Hagberg falling number, grain size classes):    
 Beans 1974-1978; 95 values
 Oats 1996-present >300 values
 Wheat 1974-present >8,000 values
 Soil properties (%N, %SOC, pH, Olsen P, exchangeable cations, soil weight, CaCO3) 1865-2012
(13 sample years; not from all plots every year)
Hoosfield: spring barley since 1852
 Barley yields (grain and straw) 1852-present >10,000 grain yields
 Grain quality:    
 TGW and hectolitre weight 1974-present >3500 values
 Crop nutrient content (% N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na):    
 Barley grain and straw 1964-2010 >16,000 values
Park Grass: continuous grassland since 1856, usually cut twice a year
 Herbage yields (2 cuts) 1856-present >16,000 yields
 Botanical composition surveys (visual surveys & by weight) 1862-1976
>1,000 plots
>1,100 plots
 Insect surveys (Leafhoppers) 1977-1978
(5 samples per year)
52 plots
Alternate Wheat and Fallow: 1856-2015
 Wheat yields (grain & straw) 1856-2015 311 grain yields
Woburn Ley-arable experiment: Arable rotations with and without leys since 1938
 Crop yield 1938-2007 280 values
(Block III only)
 Soil % organic Carbon and Nitrogen 1938-2009 192 values
(Blocks I – V)