Figure 2: The word morph network. | Scientific Data

Figure 2: The word morph network.

From: A dataset on human navigation strategies in foreign networked systems

Figure 2

Panel (a) shows the whole word morph network in a clustered layout. The word morph network is a network of three-letter English words, in which two words are connected by a link if they differ only in a single letter. For example ``FIT'' is linked to ``FAT'' as they differ only in the middle letter, but ``FIT'' and ``CAT'' are not neighbors in this network since more than one letters differs in them. The network has a giant connected component and a small cluster containing only two nodes. Panel (b) shows a word morph game example with source and target words ``YOB'' and ``WAY''. A shortest path solution is displayed in red, while a solution given by a specific player is shown in green. For the sake of clearer context, the plot shows a larger subgraph of the word morph network with nodes and links colored in white and blue respectively.

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