Table 5: Counts of sites by distance to nearest structure, for the 333 modeled sites with catchment information.

From: The metabolic regimes of 356 rivers in the United States

Structure P0 P50 P80 P95
Canal/ditch 61 13 13 246
Dam 169 29 30 105
NPDES 130 38 27 138
Any 210 32 27 64
  1. Column names give the lower bound on the distance, as a percentile of each site’s daily reach lengths, to the nearest structure of each type. For example, the nearest canal or ditch is located between the 0th and 50th percentile of reach lengths at 61 modeled sites; the nearest canal or ditch is beyond the 95th percentile at 246 sites; and 64 sites have no known structure closer than the 95th percentile of their reach lengths.