Table 4: Definitions and provenance of calculated timeseries variables.

From: The metabolic regimes of 356 rivers in the United States

Variable Name Description (Units) Sources Equation or streamMetabolizer function
baro_calcElev Surface pressure (Pa) altitude calc_air_pressure()
depth_calcDischHarvey Stream depth (m) c and f 23, disch_nwis c×disch_nwisf
depth_calcDischRaymond Stream depth (m) c and f 56, disch_nwis c×disch_nwisf
dischdaily_calcDMean Daily average discharge (m3 s−1) disch_nwis Daily mean (4am-3:59am)
doamp_calcDAmp Daily amplitude in percent O2 saturation (%) dopsat_calcObsSat Daily range (4am-3:59am)
dopsat_calcObsSat Percent O2 saturation (%) doobs_nwis, dosat_calcGGbts 100×doobs_nwis/dosat_calcGGbts
dosat_calcGGbconst [O2] at saturation (mgO2 L−1) baro_calcElev calc_DO_sat()
dosat_calcGGbts [O2] at saturation (mgO2 L−1) baro_nldas or baro_gldas calc_DO_sat()
par_calcLat Photosynthetic photon flux density, PPFD (μ mol m−2 s−1) suntime_calcLon, latitude calc_light()
par_calcLatSw PPFD (μ mol m−2 s−1) par_calcLat, par_calcSw calc_light_merged()
par_calcSw PPFD (μ mol m−2 s−1) sw_nldas or sw_gldas convert_PAR_to_SW()
sitedate_calcLon Solar noon of the date (unitless) DateTime convert_UTC_to-_solartime()
sitetime_calcLon Mean solar time (unitless) DateTime, longitude convert_UTC_to-_solartime()
suntime_calcLon Apparent solar time (unitless) DateTime, coordinates convert_UTC_to-_solartime()
swdaily_calcDMean Daily average downwards shortwave radiation flux (W m−2) sw_nldas or sw_gldas Daily mean (4am-3:59am)
veloc_calcDischHarvey Stream velocity (m s−1) k and m23, disch_nwis k×disch_nwism
veloc_calcDischRaymond Stream velocity (m s−1) k and m56, disch_nwis k×disch_nwism
velocdaily_calcDMean Daily average velocity (m s−1) veloc_calcDischHarvey or veloc_calcDischRaymond Daily mean (4am-3:59am)
  1. Sources include other variables from this table, DateTimes of the [O2] data, hydraulic geometry coefficients from the cited sources, and site data (altitude, latitude, longitude). Where Sources are “X or Y”, the source ending in _nldas was preferred over _gldas, and _calcDischHarvey over _calcDischRaymond, whenever available.