Table 3: Definitions and provenance of timeseries variables downloaded from external databases.

From: The metabolic regimes of 356 rivers in the United States

Variable Name Description (Units) Source Database Parameter Code
disch_nwis Discharge (ft3 s−1) 20 00060
doobs_nwis Dissolved oxygen concentration (mg O2 L−1) 20 00300
wtr_nwis Water temperature (°C) 20 00010
baro_nldas Surface pressure (Pa) 34,35 pressfc
baro_gldas Surface air pressure (Pa) 36 psurf_f_inst
sw_nldas Downwards shortwave radiation flux, surface (W m−2) 34,35 dswrfsfc
sw_gldas Downward shortwave radiation flux, surface (W m−2) 36 SWdown_f_tavg