Table 4 List of tables available in the eICU Collaborative Research Database (v2.0).

From: The eICU Collaborative Research Database, a freely available multi-center database for critical care research

Table name Type of data
admissionDrug Care documentation: Medications taken prior to unit admission.
admissionDx APACHE: Admission diagnoses and other APACHE information.
allergy Care documentation: Known patient allergies.
apacheApsVar APACHE: Physiology score components used in predictions.
apachePredVar APACHE: Other components used in predictions.
apachePatientResult APACHE: Predictions made by APACHE IV and IVa.
carePlanCareProvider Care plan: Details regarding managing or consulting providers.
carePlanEOL Care plan: End of life care planning.
carePlanGeneral Care plan: Plans for patient care, often including end of life care.
carePlanGoal Care plan: Stated goals of care for the patient.
carePlanInfectiousDisease Care plan: Precautions for patient related to infectious disease.
customLab Care documentation: Infrequent, unstandardized laboratory tests.
diagnosis Care documentation: Structured record of active problems.
hospital Administration: Hospital level survey information: bed size, teaching status, and US region.
infusionDrug Care documentation: Continuous infusions administered.
intakeOutput Care documentation: Intake and output recorded for patients.
lab Care documentation: Laboratory measurements for patient derived specimens.
medication Care documentation: Prescribed medications usually interfaced from a local pharmacy system.
microLab Care documentation: Manually entered microbiology information.
note Care documentation: Semi-structured notes entered by the physician or physician extender responsible.
nurseAssessment Care documentation: Documentation for patient items such as pain, psychosocial status, etc.
nurseCare Care documentation: Documentation for patient items such as nutrition, wound care, drain/tube care, restraints, etc.
nurseCharting Care documentation: Primary location for information charted at the bed side such as vital signs.
pastHistory Care documentation: Structured list detailing patient's health status prior to presentation in the unit.
patient Administration: Demographic and administrative information regarding the patient and their unit/hospital stay.
physicalExam Care documentation: Semi-structured results of physical examinations performed.
respiratoryCare Care documentation: Documentation for airway structure, cuff pressures, and other respiratory related details.
respiratoryCharting Care documentation: Primary location for ventilator setting information including tidal volumes, pressure settings, etc.
treatment Care documentation: Structured list detailing active treatments provided to the patient
vitalAperiodic Monitor data: Unevenly sampled vital sign measurements such as non-invasive blood pressure.
vitalPeriodic Monitor data: Five minute medians for continuous vital sign measurements such as invasive blood pressure.
  1. Short descriptions of data contained in the table are provided. APACHE: Acute Physiology, Age, and Chronic Health Evaluation.