Figure 2 : Time-synchronized subset of EOG, EEG, EMG, and kinematic data; channel impedances (kΩ) of the 60-channel EEG; and terrain-specific α power (dB) in all the EEG channels.

From: Full body mobile brain-body imaging data during unconstrained locomotion on stairs, ramps, and level ground

Figure 2

(a) The timeseries EOGH (horizontal) and EOGV (vertical) are computed as bipolar signals for the horizontal and vertical EOG channels, respectively. (b) Impedance values (kΩ) of the 60-channel EEG for each of the ten subjects just prior to beginning the experiment. (c) The total α power (dB) in all the EEG channels (60 electrodes) during each of the conditions (standing, LW, SA, from left to right) is shown above the timeseries plot. Gradual increases in α band desynchronization can be observed between as the subject transitions from standing, to level ground walking, to stair walking, respectively.