Figure 6 : Overview of the LINCS Assays by Subject Area.

From: Sustainable data and metadata management at the BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center

Figure 6

LINCS Assays are classified according to a generic subject area (a: transcriptomics, b: proteomics, c: epigenomics, d: binding, e: imaging). For each assay, the number of unique perturbations, model systems, datasets, profiles (signatures) and the DSGC is annotated. Only assays used by DSGCs of LINCS Phase 2 are shown. Perturbations include small molecules, genetic antibodies, and other ligands. Model systems include cell lines, primary cells, differentiated cells, iPSCs and Embryonic Stem Cells. b: BroadT LINCS, P: PCCSE, N: NeuroLINCS, H: HMS LINCS, D: DtoxS, M: MEP LINCS, D.B.: Disease Background, F.I.: Fluorescence Imaging.