Table 2: Summary of the references evaluating and comparing the water and energy variables of the MERRA dataset.

From: MERRAclim, a high-resolution global dataset of remotely sensed bioclimatic variables for ecological modelling

Reference Covered Dates Variables Location
Ashouri et al.33 1979–2010 Water USA
Bracegirdle & Marshall43 1979–2008 Energy Antarctica
Essou et al.34 1979–2003 Water and Energy USA
Lader et al.45 1979–2009 Water and Energy Alaska (USA)
Bosilovich et al.37 1979–2012 Water Central USA
Roberts et al.35 2000–2010 Water West Africa
Lindsay et al.42 1981–2010 Water and Energy Arctic
Lorenz et al.36 1989–2010 Water Global
Bosilovich et al.39 1979–2009 Water and Energy Global
Trenberth et al.38 1979–2005 Water Global
Cullather & Bosilovich40 1979–2005 Water Polar Regions
Cullather & Bosilovich44 1979–2005 Energy Polar Regions
Serreze et al.41 1979–2010 Water and Energy Arctic