Table 5 GLNC database parameters and the number of lakes with associated data.

From: A database of georeferenced nutrient chemistry data for mountain lakes of the Western United States

Parameter Description Units Number of Lakes
NO3_N_mgL nitrate-N mg N/L 2,866
NH4_N_mgL ammonium-N mg N/L 2,554
TP_mgL total phosphorus mg P/L 2,041
PO4_P_mgL phosphate P mg P/L 1,841
Si_mgL dissolved silica mg Si/L 1,120
TNH4_N_mgL total ammonium N mg N/L 826
TDP_mgL total dissolved phosphorus mg P/L 752
chla_ugL chlorophyll a ug/L 714
TN_mgL total nitrogen mg N/L 672
TNO3_N_mgL total nitrate N mg N/L 468
TPO4_P_mgL total phosphate P mg P/L 365
TDN_mgL total dissolved nitrogen mg N/L 263
KN_mgL dissolved Kjeldahl nitrogen mg N/L 197
seston_N_mgL seston N mg N/L 165
seston_P_mgL seston P mg P/L 165
NO2_N_mgL nitrite-N mg N/L 136
TON_mgL total organic nitrogen mg N/L 64
DON_mgL dissolved organic nitrogen mg N/L 55
TKN_mgL total Kjeldahl nitrogen mg N/L 54
seston_NP Seston N:P mass ratio mass ratio 38
TN:TP_mass TN:TP mass ratio mass ratio 32
seston_N_mgg sestion N mg/g 22
seston_P_ppb seston P ppb 18
TIN_mgL total inorganic nitrogen mg N/L 12
TOP_mgL total organic phosphorus mg P/L 12
TIP_mgL total inorganic phosphorus mg P/L 10
DIN_mgL dissolved inorganic nitrogen mg N/L 6
DOP_mgL dissolved organic phosphorus mg P/L 5