Figure 2: Workflow schematic. | Scientific Data

Figure 2: Workflow schematic.

From: A database of georeferenced nutrient chemistry data for mountain lakes of the Western United States

Figure 2

source file s1: data file(s) provided by the data source (typically.csv or.xlsx). s1_metadata.txt: a.txt file that describes the provenance of file s1, and includes relevant notes about s1 data, and s1 data processing. s1_formatting.R: annotated R code file that uses data in source file s1 to populate structured R data frames, and generate a.csv file that will be read into ArcMap to confirm lake location information. s1_prelim_location.csv: a csv file with latitude and longitude information from s1. This lat/long information was read into ArcMap to georeference the lake location according to NHD Plus Version 2 ComID. s1_NHD_join.csv: a csv file with verified lake location (NHDPlus version 2 ComID), and associated research notes. formats_location_data.R: annotated R code file that reads and formats csv files generated through GIS research (sx_NHD_join.csv files). creates_db_tables.R: annotated R code file that combines and formats data to create database tables in csv file form. csv tables: GLNC database tables in csv form (see section 3.0 Summary of Data records for table descriptions).

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