Table 2 Overview of the datasets.

From: Spatiotemporal historical datasets at micro-level for geocoded individuals in five Swedish parishes, 1813–1914

Layer Dataset name Geometry Time representation No. of objects
Property Units property_units_SEDD.shp Polygon Object-lifelines 1,165
Wetlands Wetlands.shp Polygon Object-lifelines MTSM: 364
Modern: 195
Buildings Buildings_polygons.shp Polygon Snapshots LSM: 385
MTSM: 438
Buildings Buildings_points.shp Point Snapshots TM: 638
EM: 4,216
Roads Roads.shp Line Snapshots MTSM: 839
TM: 433
EM: 2,060
Railroads Railroads.shp Line Snapshots EM: 150
Streams Streams.shp Line Snapshots MTSM: 99
Lakes Lakes.shp Polygon Snapshots MTSM: 40
  1. ‘No. of objects’ represents the number of geographic objects such as building points or road segments.