Table 1 Number of map documents digitized from historical maps.

From: Spatiotemporal historical datasets at micro-level for geocoded individuals in five Swedish parishes, 1813–1914

Map series Years No. of map documents Scale Digitized objects
Land Survey Maps (LSMs) 1757–1863 39 1:4,000–1:8,000 Property units, buildings
Military Topographical Survey Maps (MTSMs) 1812–1820 11 1:20,000 Roads, buildings, streams, wetlands, lakes
Topographic Maps (TMs) 1860–1865 2 1:100,000 Roads, buildings
Economic Maps (EMs) 1910–1915 7 1:20,000 Property units, buildings, roads, railroads,
Cadastral Dossiers (CDs) 1757–1914 Approximately 150 1:1,000–1:8,000 Property units