Table 1 Glossary of terms used here and in the Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species.

From: Introducing the Global Register of Introduced and Invasive Species

Term used in GRIIS Description/definition
Alien (synonymous with Introduced) A species, subspecies or (for plants) variety or cultivar, moved by human activities beyond the limits of its native geographic range, or resulting from breeding or hybridization and being released into an area in which it does not naturally occur16, and includes any part, gametes or propagule of such species that might survive and subsequently reproduce.
Cryptogenic Species of unknown biogeographic history that cannot be ascribed to being native or alien (modified from22).
Uncertain Species recognised as clearly alien although their specific geographic origin is unknown22.
Data products In this case specifically the GRIIS Homepage, and the GRIIS Checklists for countries.
Introduced See Alien
Invasive A taxon whose introduction and/or spread threatens biological diversity (Convention on Biological Diversity;
Checklist A regional, national or thematic taxonomic enumeration.
Inventory A comprehensive list of species, usually relating to a specific survey event.
Native-Alien Species native to some areas of a country or territory but introduced by humans into places outside of their natural range of distribution in that country, where they become established and disperse.
Naturalised (synonymous with Established) Those alien species that sustain self-replacing populations22.
Origin (synonymous with Provenance) The area in which a species arose and/or where it first arrived by natural means (through range expansion), without human intervention (modified from22).