Table 2: Healthy brain network project plan.

From: An open resource for transdiagnostic research in pediatric mental health and learning disorders

Project Plan Goals
Phase I: Implementation and Testing (N=500)
• Establish project workflows
 • Mental health diagnostic evaluation
 • Phenotypic assessment
 • EEG
 • MRI scanning
• Establish prototypes for Diagnostic Research Center (HBN-Staten Island)
• Test utility of mobile Diagnostic Research Center
• Test utility of mobile MRI platform
• Establish recruitment sources and community partners
Phase II: Revision and Hardening (N=500)
• Augment learning and language evaluation protocols
• Increase breadth of phenotyping and overlap with other initiatives
 • Family history
 • Impairment
 • Prenatal assessment
 • Parental distress
 • Sleep
 • Stress/trauma
 • Substance use
• Identify and troubleshoot data quality issues
• Introduce voice assessment protocols
• Introduce saliva collection for genetics
• Introduce natural viewing fMRI
• Introduce home-based longitudinal follow-up (HBN Quarterly Mental Health Report)
• Optimize staffing models and workflow efficiencies
• Test and harden KSADS-COMP
• Test and harden E-SWAN
• Test reproducibility of prototype Diagnostic Research Center (HBN-Manhattan)
Phase III: Scale-up (N=7,500)
• Increase to three full-scale Diagnostic Research Centers
• Transition to multi-site stationary MRI scanner model
• Implement infrastructure for epidemiologic sampling
• Introduce home-based phlebotomy collection model
• Introduce actigraphy
Phase IV: Targeted Recruitment (N=1,500)
• Epidemiologic sampling