Table 1: Summary of studies included in WGS panel.

From: Sequence data and association statistics from 12,940 type 2 diabetes cases and controls

Ancestry Study Countries of Origin Num. of Cases (% female) Num. of Controls (% female) Total Sample Size
European Finland-United States Investigation of NIDDM Genetics (FUSION) Study Finland 493 (41.5) 486 (45.2) 979
European Kooperative Gesundheitsforschung in der Region Augsburg (KORA) Germany 101 (44.5) 104 (66.3) 205
European Malmö-Botnia Study Finland, Sweden 410 (51.5) 419 (44.1) 829
European UK Type 2 Diabetes Genetics Consortium (UKT2D) UK 322 (46.2) 322 (82.2) 644
Total WGS Panel 1,326 1,331 2,657
  1. Shown are the number of individuals included in association analysis for the GoT2D whole-genome sequencing study, stratified by their study of origin. Columns from left show the ancestry of individuals in each study, the name of the study (or studies), the country of origin for the individuals, the number of cases and controls, and the total number of individuals. Reproduced from Extended Data Table 1 of Fuchsberger et al.8.