Figure 1 : Overview of data and analysis generation.

From: Sequence data and association statistics from 12,940 type 2 diabetes cases and controls

Figure 1

Shown is a flowchart for variant calling, quality control, and propagation of variants in both the WGS panel and WES panel. (a) Variant calling and quality control in the WGS and WES panels. Individuals were characterized with one or more sequencing and genotyping technologies, and then individuals and variants were excluded based on quality control metrics. The final WGS panel consists of data from 2,857 individuals and 28.5M variants, while the final WES panel consists of data from 13,008 individuals and 3.04M variants. (b) Assessing variants in larger sample sizes. Non-coding variants from the WGS panel were studied via statistical imputation in 44,414 additional individuals from cohorts within the DIAGRAM consortium. Coding variants from the WES panel were genotyped on the exome array in 79,854 additional individuals. Modified from Extended Data Fig. 1 of Fuchsberger et al.8.