Table 1: Major acquisitions at P.

From: The French Muséum national d’histoire naturelle vascular plant herbarium collection dataset

Year Botanist(s)/Institution Details
1805 Aimé Bonpland (1773–1858) and Alexander von Humboldt (1769–1859) Donation of an important part (ca. 3 500 specimens) of the herbarium constituted during their trip in South and central America. It is kept separate as a stand-alone collection3,35.
1822 Augustin Pyrame de Candolle (1778–1841) Donation of specimens used for his work over the Flore Françoise. It led to the creation of a section dedicated to the Flora of France8,36.
1833 René Louiche Desfontaines (1750–1833) Donation of the specimens used for his Flora Atlantica37, curated as a stand-alone collection. The remaining Desfontaines herbarium is now kept in Florence (FI).
1857 Jussieu family Donation of the private herbarium of the Jussieu’s family. The collection is curated as a one of the most important stand-alone collection at P7,8.
1872 Adrien de Jussieu (1797–1853) Donation of a collection of 5.300 specimens from France, that were integrated to the general collection7.
1886 Jean Baptiste de Lamarck (1744–1829) Purchase of the Lamarck Herbarium from the University of Rostock. It is estimated to count ca. 19,000 specimens and is stored among the major standing-alone collections38,​39,​40.
1904 Emmanuel Drake del Castillo (1855–1904) Donation of a very rich collection counting ca. 500,000 specimens. Include several herbaria, such as Franchet’s, de Franqueville’s (itself including the herbaria of Achille Richard (1794–1852) and his father, and of Ernst Gottlieb Steudel (1754–1821)), Vesian’s, Lenormand’s or Schultz’s. An exhaustive catalogue has been established by Bureau in 19048,39,41.
1904 Ernest Saint-Charles Cosson (1819–1889) Donation of a very rich collection counting ca. 500,000 specimens. It is constituted by Cosson’s original collections, but as well herbaria such as Moquin-Tandon’s, Bunge’s, Fée’s and Schultz-Bipontinus’. He was a specialist for the Mediterranean flora8,39,42,43.
1906 Jean Baptiste Louis Pierre (1833–1905) Donation of a herbarium which is an important collection for the former Indochinese territories8.
1907 Auguste François Marie Glaziou (1833–1906) Donation of an important herbarium for Brazilian flora39.
1924 Michel Adanson (1727–1806) Purchase of 24 095 specimens collected by the botanist during his travels to Senegal and in France. It is kept as a separate stand-alone collection.
1925 Roland Napoléon Bonaparte (1858–1924) Donation of an important collection of ca. 2,000 cardboard box of Pteridophytes, which includes part of the original collections of Konrad Christ and Christian Luerssen1.
1954 Jean Baptiste Christian Fusée-Aublet (1720–1778) Purchase of part of the collection constituted by the botanist in French Guiana. The collection has been purchased in 1778 by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a few weeks before his death44. It is kept as a stand-alone collection.
1970 Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris Donation of ca. 50,000 specimens.
1974 Caen University Donation of the ca. 270,000 specimens, containing amongst other the original collections from Jules Dumont d’Urville (1790–1842).
1978 Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris Second donation of ca. 40,000 specimens.