Table 2 Genome in a Bottle Consortium Genomes.

From: Extensive sequencing of seven human genomes to characterize benchmark reference materials

Genome Coriell cell line ID NIST ID NIST RM # NCBI BioSample PGP ID
CEPH Mother/Daughter GM12878 HG001 RM8398 SAMN03492678 Not PGP
AJ Son GM24385 HG002 RM8391* (son)/RM8392* (trio) SAMN03283347 huAA53E0
AJ Father GM24149 HG003 RM8392* (trio) SAMN03283345 hu6E4515
AJ Mother GM24143 HG004 RM8392* (trio) SAMN03283346 hu8E87A9
Chinese Son GM24631 HG005 RM8393* SAMN03283350 hu91BD69
Chinese Father GM24694 N/A N/A SAMN03283348 huCA017E
Chinese Mother GM24695 N/A N/A SAMN03283349 hu38168C
  1. Identifiers associated with genomes currently being characterized by GIAB. The NCBI BioProject for GIAB is PRJNA200694.
  2. * Not currently available. Planned release as NIST RMs in mid-2016.
  3. † NIST Reference Materials are not planned for the Chinese parents, but cells and DNA are available from Coriell.