Table 1 List of known anomalies in the acquisition process.

From: A high resolution 7-Tesla resting-state fMRI test-retest dataset with cognitive and physiological measures

Participant ID Visit Issues
27436 1 & 2 Shimming window was offset causing minor signal deterioration. The same shimming window was used for both sessions.
27437 1 The lightbulb in the projector died during the first resting state scan. A projector from another scanner was used as a replacement. The replacement took approximately 30 min. The participant was in the scanner during this time.
27440 1 & 2 All whole-brain scans were accidentally acquired with voxel size 3 mm instead of 1.5 mm.
27441 1 & 2 Second fieldmap was run after second whole-brain not before, the same order was used for the second session.
27442 1 Second magnitude image of the first fieldmap was damaged during transfer from the scanner (one slice is missing). The phase image is intact so the fieldmap can still be reconstructed.
27448 1 Second physiological recording (corresponding to second whole-brain scan) was stopped before the scan finished, third physiological recording (corresponding to the prefrontal scan) was started after the scan started.