Table 3 Correlation of MRI parameters with clinical outcome

From: Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging analysis correlates with surgical outcome of cervical spinal cord injury without radiologic evidence of trauma

  Pre-op JOA Pre-op AMS RR with JOA RR with AMS
 Pre-op RSI r=−0.867, P<0.0001 r=−0.847, P<0.0001 r=−0.485, P=0.003 r=−0.535, P=0.01
 Post-op RSI    r=−0.331, P=0.049 r=−0.326; P=0.053
 Pre-op GSI r=−0.533, P<0.001 r=−0.541, P<0.001 r=−0.494, P=0.002 r=−0.319; P=0.058
 Post-op GSI    r=−0.333, P= 0.047 r=−0.502, P=0.002
 Pre-op TA r=−0.106, P=0.540 r=−0.094, P=0.584 r=0.40, P=0.817 r=−0.013, P=0.939
 Post-op TA    r=0.135 P=0.431 r=0.096, P=0.587
PVH r=−0.733, P<0.001 r=−0.457, P=0.005 r=−0.460, P=0.005 r=−0.374, P=0.025
  1. Abbreviations: AMS, American Spinal Cord Injury Association motor score; GSI, grayscale of signal intensity; JOA, Japanese Orthopaedic Association; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; PVH, prevertebral hyperintensity; RR, recovery rate; RSI, range of signal intensity; TA, transverse area.