Table 5 The 10 most common responses to the open-ended questions on the course evaluation, which asked participants to nominate the aspects of the MOOC that did not work well

From: A Massive Open Online Course for teaching physiotherapy students and physiotherapists about spinal cord injuries

Theme (examples of comments) Number
Structure of Facebook (for example, Facebook discussion format) 365
Time (for example, took longer than 3 h per week, would like more time) 238
Nothing did not work well (for example, no issues) 190
Course organisation/administration (for example, admin emails not received, structure not clear, hard to follow, not enough contact with administrators, not enough detail on how the course worked) 114
IT problems (for example, problems with internet, playing videos, accessing online resources) 97
Miscellaneous comments (for example, no practical experience, needed more evidence, diverse experience and knowledge of participants) 52
Technical aspects of Facebook (for example, no access to Facebook, did not like Facebook) 38
Self-assessments (for example, did not like self assessments or had problems with the self assessment) 22
Content too easy (for example, content was too basic, not enough detail for advanced participants, concepts repeated in different lessons) 41
Language (for example, problems with language for those in whom English was a second language) 19
  1. Abbreviation: MOOC, Massive Open Online Course.
  2. All responses were collated by general themes.