Table 2 Comparison of sperm parameters, motility, morphology, viability rates and sperm count in different time points post-surgery

From: CatSper genes expression, semen characteristics and histology of testes in the contusive spinal cord-injured mice model

Parameters Group
  Control (mean±s.d.) Sham (mean±s.d.) 1 day post-sugery (mean±s.d.) 1 week post-surgery (mean±s.d.) 2 weeks post-surgery (mean±s.d.) 4 weeks post-surgery (mean±s.d.) 6 weeks post-surgery (mean±s.d.)
Motility 78.2±5.5 78.8±6.6 77.8±5.4 71±1.9 55±3a,b,c,e,f 44.8±2.8a,b,c,d,f 32.2±4.4a,b,c,d,e
Normal morphology 79.2±1 84±5.8 73.4±2.3 58.2±3.5a,c,d,e 50.4±2.9a,b,c,e,f 44.8±2.9a,b,c,d,f 37.8±1.9a,b,c,d,e
Viability 87.6±7 87.6±7 74.4±3.5 60.8±3.8a,c,d,e 50.4±5.7a,b,c,e,f 40.4±3.8a,b,c,d,f 35.2±2.6a,b,c,d,e
Sperm count 4.7±0.7 4.6±0.5 4.4±0.4 4.3±0.6 4.4±0.4 3±0.4b,c,d 2.4±0.7a,b,c,d
  1. The data then were evaluated using ANOVA and Duncan's test (95% confidence level and significant P<0.05).
  2. aSignificant difference versus control, sham and first day post-surgery.
  3. bSignificant difference versus first day post-surgery.
  4. cSignificant difference versus first week post-surgery.
  5. dSignificant difference versus second week post-surgery.
  6. eSignificant difference versus third week post-surgery.
  7. fSignificant difference versus fourth week post-surgery.