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Acute paraplegia due to an extradural spinal lipoma: Case report


We describe a 20 year old man, who presented with an acute onset of transverse myelopathy evolving over 24 h at T6 spinal level; as yet, an unreported presenting symptom from a mid-thoracic intraspinal lipoma. The C.S.F findings suggested a spinal block. MRI, imaging was not practical. Urgent myelography revealed extradural compression at the T5-6 vertebral level. The patient underwent surgical debulking of the tumor which on histopathology was found to be a lipoma, but there was no neurological improvement even at 3 months follow up. We believe that patients with intraspinal lipomas are at high risk of developing irreversible neurological dysfunction.


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  • acute transverse myelopathy
  • spinal neoplasm
  • thoracic lipoma

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