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Perineal decubitus ulcer with urethro-cutaneous fistula without bilateral ischiectomy: case report


Perineal decubitus ulcer with urethro-cutaneous fistula has previously been reported in paraplegics as a late complication following bilateral ischiectomy. This case report illustrates the occurrence of the problem in a male paraplegic without bilateral ischiectomy, and this has not been previously reported in the English literature. Successful reconstruction was accomplished with a full thickness skin graft tube and and gracilis muscle flap.


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Ramasastry, S., Granick, M. & Schwentker, F. Perineal decubitus ulcer with urethro-cutaneous fistula without bilateral ischiectomy: case report. Spinal Cord 24, 326–329 (1986).

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  • urethro-cutaneous fistula
  • perineal decubitus ulcer


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