Fig. 1: 4He/21Ne–4He/3He diagrams. | Communications Earth & Environment

Fig. 1: 4He/21Ne–4He/3He diagrams.

From: Solar noble gases in an iron meteorite indicate terrestrial mantle signatures derive from Earth’s core

Fig. 1

a Literature31,32,33,34 and our new data (totals) for Washington County. b Selected noble gas extraction steps from our measurements that are assigned to major gas releases from schreibersite and kamacite–taenite, respectively. All data points, except for WC_14 (1480 °C kamacite–taenite gas extraction), plot (within 1σ uncertainties) directly on or close to the GCR-SW mixing line and indicate 4He excess of solar wind origin in all bulk samples and in both mineral constituents of Washington County. For reference, the GCR end-member composition (4He/21Ne = 150–200, 4He/3He = 2.4–2.9) for a Washington County-sized meteoroid29 (r ~ 10 cm)36 is shown as well as mixing lines towards the compositions of SW14, and air1 (both off-scale). The size of the GCR symbol equals the possible composition range of the spallation component.

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