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Extended Data Fig. 6: Regulation of FTO targets.

From: Downregulation of the FTO m6A RNA demethylase promotes EMT-mediated progression of epithelial tumors and sensitivity to Wnt inhibitors

Extended Data Fig. 6

a, Numbers of m6A peaks and related transcripts identified by m6A-seq in RNAi Ctrl and RNAi FTO PC3 cells (upper panel, two independent biological replicates). Schematic representation of m6A/FTO mRNA targets (red asterisks) identified within the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway (lower panel). b, Visualization of the IP m6A signal in RNAi FTO and RNAi Ctrl PC3 cells at the WNT3A and GSK3B transcripts. c, Representative immunochemistry staining of β-catenin in PC3 xenografted tumors with scale bar at 250 µm. Percent β-catenin positive cells (right, n = 3 fields × 3 tumors per group; mean + SD). Two-tailed t-test, P = 0.005. d, Relative quantification of the CSNK1D levels in RNAi FTO and RNAi Ctrl SKBR3 cells displayed in the western blot shown in Fig. 6a. e, Western blot showing the level of CSNK1D in an independent biological replicate of RNAi FTO and RNAi Ctrl SKBR3 cells (left, with HDAC1 as loading control, related to Fig. 6a). Relative quantification of CSNK1D levels (right). Western blot data in (d-e) are representative of n = 3 biologically independent experiments and normalized to HDAC1.

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