Table 1 Ethics guidelines for AI by country of issuer (Australia–UK)

From: The global landscape of AI ethics guidelines

Name of document/website Issuer Country of issuer
Artificial Intelligence. Australia’s Ethics Framework: A Discussion Paper Department of Industry Innovation and Science Australia
Montréal Declaration: Responsible AI Université de Montréal Canada
Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Four Perspectives on the Economy, Employment, Skills and Ethics Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment Finland
Tieto’s AI Ethics Guidelines Tieto Finland
Commitments and Principles OP Group Finland
How Can Humans Keep the Upper Hand? Report on the Ethical Matters Raised by AI Algorithms French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) France
For a Meaningful Artificial Intelligence. Towards a French and European Strategy Mission Villani France
Ethique de la Recherche en Robotique CERNA (Allistene) France
AI Guidelines Deutsche Telekom Germany
SAP’s Guiding Principles for Artificial Intelligence SAP Germany
Automated and Connected Driving: Report Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Ethics Commission Germany
Ethics Policy Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines (IIIM) Iceland
Discussion Paper: National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) India
L’intelligenzia Artificiale al Servizio del Cittadino Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AGID) Italy
The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Ethical Guidelines Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence Japan
Report on Artificial Intelligence and Human Society (unofficial translation) Advisory Board on Artificial Intelligence and Human Society (initiative of the Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy) Japan
Draft AI R&D Guidelines for International Discussions Institute for Information and Communications Policy (IICP), The Conference toward AI Network Society Japan
Sony Group AI Ethics Guidelines Sony Japan
Human Rights in the Robot Age Report The Rathenau Institute Netherlands
Dutch Artificial Intelligence Manifesto Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (SIGAI), ICT Platform Netherlands (IPN) Netherlands
Artificial Intelligence and Privacy The Norwegian Data Protection Authority Norway
Discussion Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Personal Data—Fostering Responsible Development and Adoption of AI Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore Singapore
Mid- to Long-Term Master Plan in Preparation for the Intelligent Information Society Government of the Republic of Korea South Korea
AI Principles of Telefónica Telefónica Spain
AI Principles & Ethics Smart Dubai UAE
Principles of robotics Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK (EPSRC) UK
The Ethics of Code: Developing AI for Business with Five Core Principles Sage UK
Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Protection Information Commissioner’s Office UK
DeepMind Ethics & Society Principles DeepMind Ethics & Society UK
Business Ethics and Artificial Intelligence Institute of Business Ethics UK
AI in the UK: Ready, Willing and Able? UK House of Lords, Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence UK
Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health Royal College of Physicians UK
Initial Code of Conduct for Data-Driven Health and Care Technology UK Department of Health & Social Care UK
Ethics Framework: Responsible AI Machine Intelligence Garage Ethics Committee UK
The Responsible AI Framework PricewaterhouseCoopers UK UK
Responsible AI and Robotics. An Ethical Framework. Accenture UK UK
Machine Learning: The Power and Promise of Computers that Learn by Example The Royal Society UK
Ethical, Social, and Political Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Health Future Advocacy UK