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The elusive NMN transporter is found

Strategies to restore levels of the enzyme cofactor nicotinamide adenine dinclueotide (NAD) late in life to maintain health by treatment with NAD precursors, such as nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), represent an exciting area of research in aging and age-related diseases. A study in Nature Metabolism provides an answer to the hotly debated yet fundamental question: how NMN actually gets into cells.

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Correspondence to David A. Sinclair.

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L.W. is a is a founder, equity owner, advisor to, and/or director of Intravital, EdenRoc Sciences (Metro Biotech/Bauhaus, Liberty Biosecurity), Jumpstart Fertility, and Life Biosciences and its daughter companies (Continuum Biosciences, Jumpstart Fertility, Senolytic Therapeutics, Animal Biosciences, Selphagy, Spotlight Therapeutics). D.S. is a founder, equity owner, advisor to, director of, consultant to, and/or inventor of patents licensed to Jupiter Orphan Therapeutics, Cohbar, Galilei Biosciences, EdenRoc Sciences (Arc-Bio, Dovetail Genomics, Claret, Revere Biosciences, UpRNA, MetroBiotech/Bauhaus, Liberty Biosecurity), Life Biosciences (Selphagy, InsideTracker, Senolytic Therapeutics, Spotlight Therapeutics, Immetas, Animal Biosciences, Iduna, Continuum Biosciences, and Jumpstart Fertility), Wellomics, and Vium. MetroBiotech, Liberty Biosecurity, and Jumpstart are developing NAD boosting molecules/precursors for the treatment of diseases. D.S. is an inventor on an invention filed by Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School that has been licensed to Elysium Health. For more information see

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