Fig. 4: Simulation of the near-field experiment. | Communications Physics

Fig. 4: Simulation of the near-field experiment.

From: Interband plasmon polaritons in magnetized charge-neutral graphene

Fig. 4

a Illustration of the simulation model: the atomic force microscope tip is approximated by a vertical electric dipole with a constant dipole moment. The dipole is located 55 nm above the charge neutral graphene encapsulated into hBN (the thicknesses of the top and bottom layers are 5 nm and 10 nm, respectively). b Near-field image |Ez(x,v)| simulated for magnetic field B = 1.3 T. The field Ez is taken below the dipole, 10 nm above the graphene sheet. c Fourier transform of |Ez(x,v)|. The bright feature matches v(2qpl) what reflects the fact that the graphene plasmon-polariton between being excited, reflected and gathered by the tip  travelling the distance 2x.

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